Working with Russ and his team, we felt our house was being taken care of.  Having Russ represent us made the process of fiilimg at our home an amazing experence.  I trust him and his team to make sure our best interest are protected as well as our home.

- Jeff Ryan

Home Shoot Home is thoroughly professional organization — understands clients needs and also the architectural/landscape environment in terms of what film makers require.

- Carol King

Home Shoot Home has been wonderful during the two years I’ve worked with them. They are always prompt, professional, and extremely helpful. Russ and his team took beautiful photographs of my house and clearly have an appreciation for the vast array of historical homes in Pasadena.

- Denise Mann

Home Shoot Home has brought us a variety of small projects, ranging from a TV pilot to a internet show. Russ has always taken very good care of us and our home.

- Vicki Thompson

Home Shoot Home has been terrific to work with.  The location personnel that they’ve sent to our home have all been very professional and pleasant to deal with.

- Joe and Denise Lumarda

We have had three commercial shoots in our house that we booked through Home Shoot Home. Russ has been very helpful every step of the way. He knows the industry and is both friendly and trustworthy.

- Monette Magrath

We have been thrilled with our experience in working with Home Shoot Home. Russ and his team have always been professional and great advocates for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in having their property used in TV and film.

- Lorena Roth

We have greatly enjoyed working with Home Shoot Home.  They have all been straight-forward, honest, and dependable.  Every shoot we’ve had has been a positive experience in every way.

- Catherine Heflin

Home Shoot Home has the best, most friendly, most  helpful and most informed associates in the business. By the time your home is selected for shooting, they represent you, stand behind you and support you throughout the entire process.

The result is that shooting in your home becomes not only a profitable experience but a fun one. They have the very best location managers who become part friend, part therapist part assistant and when the time comes you don’t want to see them leave!

- Alix Reeves

Being a location professional, I have had the pleasure of working with Russ & Home Shoot Home at other locations around L. A.  Everything was always handled in a very professional and fair manner making them a pleasure to deal with.  I look forward to having filming in my house as long as Home Shoot Home is there to oversee the experience.

- Timothy Hillman

It was a complete pleasure working with Home Shoot Home.  We trusted Russ and his staff and they returned our home exactly as they found it.  I would do it again anytime.

- Susan Hardwick

Home Shoot Home provides a top notch service. Every filming we have done has been a positive experience.   As a homeowner, I feel 100% comfortable with a film crew in my home because of my association with Home Shoot Home.

- Sheridan Link

Home Shoot Home is a great local company!  They treat all their customers with respect, and they are so organized.

- Rebecca Ford

We are very happy being repped by Home Shoot Home the past 4 years. Russ and his staff are very attentive and know how to feature our property and position it for optimum exposure to location scouts and clients.

- Michael Schenk

Home shoot home is a very reputable company. I’ve worked with them before and was beyond satisfied!! Easy going and would do anything to please me. They watched my house like it was their own. I have the up most respect for this company!!!  I never had a worry. They got me more money than I expected. Great Location company…one of the BEST!

- Lisa Berryman

Home Shoot Home has been great to work with over the past several years.  Their scout contacts are always professional and friendly when viewing the house, as are the directors and producers and our filming and prep days have all been very enjoyable with no issues!  Look forward to sharing great experiences in the future with you!

- Kim Arial

We have been very happy with Home Shoot Home, with their care for our home while shooting, with personnel from Home Shoot Home present during entire shooting

- Carole Grant

It has been great working with Home Shoot Home.We have found them to always have our best interest in mind and they always follow up to ensure that evertthing went well.

- Sylvester Williams

I have scouted and booked Home Shoot Home properties numerous times and have always had a wonderful experience with the company. Home Shoot Home is extremely knowledgeable about all their properties and will never try and “sell” you on something that isn’t going to match your specific scouting needs. If Home Shoot Home doesn’t have what you need, they will tell you and refer you to someone who does which I find extremely refreshing. They protect their property owners while working very hard to meet all of Production’s many filming requests. I would highly recommend them to any scout or manager.

- Stevie Nelson, LMGA

We have had such good experiences during filming at our house that I thought I would let you know!  Since listing our home on “Homeshoothome” in 2003, we have had a variety of filming including commercials, TV and film.On every occasion Russ has always made sure that our interests and our home have been protected.  Filming has always been a very positive experience. Thanks!

- Fran Aldridge

Each job we have booked through home shoot home has been seamless. Excellent communication, great negotiations, and we really felt well represented and taken care of by russ and his team.

- Elisa Nixon

We have had a great experience at our house (from conception to completion) with Home Shoot Home’s personal handling for commercial, television and movie filming.  HSH’s customer service, attention to detail, and “hands on” communication with the location scouts/filming companies has been superb. We highly recommend HSH!

- Jim Plumb